Ukraine is Blank Page: Social Contract of Free Creators

We the Free Creators being responsible before ourselves for accepting as is and leaving better this whole blank page (hereinafter – Ukraine), each part of which is equal the whole, without adding or removing any words unless for the creative necessity, fairly agreed to create Ukraine together on the following principles.

Personality: one Creator is free to be the source of Ukraine in whole.

Reasonability: Creator thinks, as a result, Ukraine exist.

Autonomy: Creator lives by own laws – creates own rights, forming own freedom; creates own duties, taking own responsibility.

Peace: Creators respect the laws of each other, designed as laws of Ukraine free from conflicts.

Sovereignty: all power over Creator belongs to Creator.

Justice: to create peace, Creator takes responsibility for those who refuse to take responsibility and takes power over those who lose power over themselves.

Equality: all Creators create a vision that everyone is Creator.

A common signature of all Free Creators to enact this blank page Constitution is a clear space:

_____________________________________ (Ukraine)